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Pro-Tech Industries is unique in its versatility. Located in northeast Philadelphia, Pro-Tech is owned and operated by automotive enthusiast Joe Notarianni. With more than 20 years of automotive experience, Joe can and will happily meet all your automotive needs, from general auto repair to ground-up restorations.

A Philly native, Joe began developing his passion for cars in high school. In his own words, he thought it would be cool to build hotrods and his love for the automotive industry simply progressed from there. In time, Joe discovered the art of car restoration and customization. He has a deep appreciation for classic cars in particular, and enjoys taking them apart and tinkering with them in order to make them faster and more streamlined.

When Joe was just starting out, he worked in a repair shop but eventually realized that his personality was best suited to owning his own business. He’s a leader, not a follower and he isn’t interested in the limitations of anyone else’s vision. Unhindered, Joe started Pro-Tech Industries in 1996 as a one-bay shop and now his extensive facility houses a total of 10 bays.

From general auto repair and collision work to the customizing and restoration work that inspired his business, Joe does it all. Pro-Tech’s award-winning custom work has been displayed all over the country and he has restoration customers seeking out his skill set from all over the region.

Joe even owns a full fleet of wreckers to accommodate light-, medium- and heavy-duty towing. Joe and his staff also provide automotive transport for a number of charities and the film industry. On the charity side, they transport about 200 to 300 cars per week throughout the area. Films they’ve worked on include Transformers, The Lovely Bones, Safe with Jason Statham and more.

With their precise attention to detail and solid work ethic, Joe and Pro-Tech are dedicated to providing their customers with the highest-quality service possible in every way.

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Pro Tech

We can and will happily meet all your automotive needs — from general auto repair to ground-up restorations.